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at Raglan History Day - sharing stories and memories
Charlie Davies, Margery Chilcott, Tony Bradley (with his tractor), David and Jenny Jones, and Jean Hancock at Raglan History Celebration.

The stories section of Raglanpedia is dedicated to Charlie Davies (standing on the left). Charlie loved a good story and loved Raglan. The memories of bygone days help us to appreciate the rich heritage that we have. The essays written by our school children over the last 30 years are another source of information of people and places around our village. Charlie would have loved these stories and we hope that you do too.

Through the Raglan Roots Project we were able to commision 6 'history panels' reflecting the history of our village and 2 new books on Raglan Local History by Dr. Brinley Morgan. The panels are on display at the Ship Inn on High Street while copies of the new books are available for sale for £3 each at the Raglan Post Office.

  • The Raglan Fallen
  • Raglan at War
  • A Memorial to the Sons of Raglan who fell in the Great War 1914-1918 and The Loss of HMS Raglan in 1918 with stories of other remarkable ships named Raglan

One of our residents has recently commented: My wife kindly bought me a copy of Brinley Morgan's 'The Raglan Fallen' for Xmas. What a fantastic idea and what an excellent read. I have walked past the Raglan War Memorial hundreds of times but, until now, the names were just letters on a stone. Now I feel as if I know the men. TA, 4 Jan. 2014.

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Raglan Drawbridge.jpg Raglan Life & Times.jpg The Raglan Bugle.jpg


All our stories

Raglan Village

[[1]]. 1986: BBC - Domesday Reloaded, Raglan Village


Notable residents:

  • Anna Tribe ca 1945 Anna Tribe, OBE J.P. - President of Raglan Local History Group and Vice President of the Nelson Society for many years along with previous Chairmen of the Welsh Women Conservatives between 1981 and 1984 and was the deputy-Chairman of the East Gwent Magistrates. She was a Magistrate for 26 years. [2]
  • Jenny Sullivan - author - [4] and [5]
  • Harvey-hood - sculpter [6]

Life in Raglan

Llandenny Village

Bryngwyn (Great Oak)



For more stories visit: Raglan Domesday Wiki

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