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The Raglan District Roots project is led by the Raglan and District History Group. This group, established in 1955, celebrates local history through lectures, tea parties and outings. We sponsor the annual Horatia Durant Essay Contest. Established in 1984, the the Horatia Durant Essay Contest encourages study of local history. In 2010 the Raglan Primary School History Detectives after-school group was established. Our Primary School children can be seen in St Cadoc's Churchyard on sunny Tuesday afternoons, learning about local history through the stories of the people buried there. Visit Gravestones in St Cadoc's Churchyard to see the fruits of our work!

The project is led by Raglan and District Local History Group and is supported by Raglan Community Council, Raglan VC Primary School, Usk and District Rotary Club, St Cadoc's Church, Raglan Baptist Church, Raglan Twinning Association, Cath Johns (CMC2), Nick Ramsay (Raglan AM) and David Davies (Raglan MP). The inspiration for our project is Monmouthpedia - the first wikipedia town in the world. Monmouthpedia uses QRpedia codes; a type of bar code read by a smartphone through its camera (using one of the many free QR readers available) that takes you to a Wikipedia article.

We are grateful for the funding provided by

  • Village Alive trust for our maps, QR plaques and Display Panels,
  • Heritage Lottery Fund which supports our, 'All our stories' and Website development
  • Raglan Community Council for their support of the Village Maps and Display Panels
  • CADW – Civic Initiatives for funding the installation of the Raglan Village Heritage Walk map at Raglan Castle

We are proud of our contractors - they have become friends as well as work-mates!

  • Platform One Fantastic, creative team - they transformed our records into pieces of art and designed village and churchyard maps, leaflets and display panels that reflect the heart of Raglan.
  • Swan Crafts Cathy included the Raglan School Children in the design of the village and Churchyard QR Plaques
  • Chilipepper Signs - they gave very professional installation of the village and churchyard maps
  • Ian Millington- The web-site wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Ian's skills - he worked with us to make sure the website is easy to use and to maintain. Magic!!
  • Spaven & Son, 4 Caestory Ave. Raglan. tel:01291 690009 (installation of Raglan Village QR Plaques) Colin did far more than 'slapping the QR plaques on walls' - he built three wooden cases and ensured that all the QR plaques were not only straight - they were also accessible by chair-bound folk. Thanks!
  • Robert Atkins (translator of Raglan Village History Trail) Rob brought his own sense of humour as well as his knowledge of Raglan to the task of translating the Raglan Village History Trail to our friends in our twinning village of Parce.
  • Martin McNamara, Restoration of Wyatt Gravestone. Martin gave this important gravestone both love as well as respect. It was a pleasure to watch him work - and the results are beautiful!

We are also grateful to the residents (young and old) who have contributed time, stories, and support for this project, especially our after-school Raglan Primary School History Detectives.


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