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Horatia Durant, 1955

The Horatia Durant Memorial Prize was established in 1984 in memory of the Raglan Local History Group's first President. The 'Prize' is awarded annually to the winner of an essay competition on a subject of local history. The competition is open to children attending Raglan Junior School.

The essays have provided an important contribution to our community as well as providing an opportunity for young people to study our local history.
Horatia Durant winners, 1992: Rear: Mrs Cooper, Mr Dally (headteacher), Anna Tribe (RLHG President), Mr Curtis (Fair Oaks), Mrs Evans (Teacher), Jean Hancock (RLHG), Margaret Williams (RLHG): Front: Ella Small, Jon Elms, James Brown

Unfortunately some of the early essays are missing but we proudly share the excellent work of our Primary School Children. The essays are organized into themes and include both the original essay as well as a transcription.

2014 - We had a bumper of History Stories from Raglan School this year. Our current Raglan VC School buildings will be demolished in 2015 and our NEW Raglan VC School is being built on Station Road. The Horatia Durrant Essay was opened to ALL the children in Raglan VC Primary as a summer project. Our goal was to record as much of the history of education in Raglan as possible in order to ensure that, when we leave our current buildings we can keep hold of as much history, and as many memories of our school as possible. The children have been fantasic! Every year group participated in the project (a total of 133 entries). Overall 74% of the students took part! On January 14th 2015 the 23 winners were announced. These include:

All of the projects will be used by the school as part of their local history studies. The 2014 winners are as follows. Congratulations to all!


History of Raglan

In living memory (personal histories)

World War II

Raglan Castle

Please note: Some of our collection has gone missing. Please let us know the names and contact details of any prize winners not included in this list (and hopefully a copy of their essay) so that we can update our records. email: raglan_history@yahoo.co.uk

Thank You

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