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1 Elm Cottage & Elmcote
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Once there was a large Elm Tree where the bus bay for Raglan School is today. Elm Cottages would have derived their name by this tree. Sadly the Elm tree died in the 1960's - another victim of the dutch elm disease. 1 & 2 Elm Cottages have fared much better than their tree! The two cottages and carpenters shop can be traced to pre 1786 but may be older as suggested by the 1652, 'Despicable Map' commissioned by the Duke of Beaufort. He wanted to have a record of the lands that he still held in Raglan. The resulting map shows Raglan Village and clearly outlines 1 & 2 Elm cottages or previous buildings that have the same 'footprint'.

The earliest known Indenture for 1 & 2 Elm Cottages identifies the owners as Mary, Joseph and William Williams (William Williams owned the Artha in Tregare along with Church House on Chepstow Road, where his daughter Margaret Williams Pytt resided). The cottages stayed in the Williams family until 1829 when John Lewis, a farmer from Penrose purchased them. They are an example of simple working men's dwellings as reflected by the occupants over the years - Carpenter (1829), Tailor (1841), Beer Retailer (1841), Ag lab (1861), Cordwainer (1861), Builder (1881).

The Taylor family (later to be the Jenkins) lived at 1 Elm Cottage for nearly 80 years ( 1923 - 2002). Mrs Jenkins died aged 102 and is buried in St Cadoc's Churchyard.

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